Those old reloaders didn't restrict the "blacksmithing" to tools.  This page will be devoted to an interesting
subset of their "make it do" attitude.   Dialogue accompanying photo follows.  
Courtesy Bruce Dow
(Comments by D. Elliott). Today's mail brought the ingenious little .45 caliber lube-sizer, made from an Ideal
tong-tool sizer, two of the early "mushroom-head" sizing plungers (for RN and flat-point .45 bullets), and old
grease cup like those on my 1916 Fairbanks-Morse 1-1/2-horse "hit-'n'-miss" gas engine, and some neat
jigging and welding.  Is this a loan, or can I buy it from you (for eventual forwarding to the Archives at
Ken's place)?

For reference, the sizing die is marked "458", one of the plungers "190" (for the flat-tipped .45 Colt bullet
#454190), and the other plunger "374" (for the .45 ACP RN #452374, but also fitting the Government .45-70
RN's #457124 and -125).

It is somewhat reminiscent - if I recall correctly - of a lube-sizer made by Harry Pope.
A Powder Drop Tube Converted to a Bullet Sizer
A powder drop tube die intended for the No. 55 powder measure to be mounted on a Tru-Line Jr was bored
straight through to approx. 45 caliber and a new pushrod machined.
A 30-06 Bullet Seater Converted to a .379 Neck Expander.
Die body bored out up to the stem thread, bullet seating stem reversed and a piece of wire soldered on.  The
head of the stem mikes .379, so I am assuming it was used as a neck expander.  Depth was controlled by
twirling the wire.