Not really a conversion, but evidently back from a time where everybody seem to have a machine shop in
their garage,  comes this interesting unmarked piece, seen on eBay in 2010.
                                                                   A No. 4 LOOKALIKE
A kissing cousin of the above, but more intriguing as it has the attributes of the very early Ideals (recapper
on nose, Berdan decapper).  Appeared on eBay in 2018, with the seller opining it was for a 45 Colt.
What a Shame
A very nice piece seen on eBay that, IMO, is buggered up beyond salvation.  You have to wonder what these guys are
thinking of.  The bullet cavity modification I could see, but why remove the extracting station?
No. 6 40-65 Converted to cast a Round Ball
I guess at the time, a "useless" old tool was modified to the current user's needs.  While professionally done,
this nice tool is another one that is ruined, from a collector's standpoint.
Note the caliber marking on the sprue cutter.  Probably by the user, if not, a nice variation.