I'm going to play around with this one and post various flyers that came with these tools.  I think here
would be a better source than scattering them throughout the site.  In no particular order.
Evidently there were still shortages from WWII in place, as Lyman shipped this message with later tools in
the old yellow boxes - mostly 310s that had the decapping die and neck expander instead of the decapping
tool pictured on the label.  I have also seen one that came with a Number 6 Adjustable.
Right after the introduction of smokeless powder, reloaders were having problems with case
separation - the extractors would pull out the lower half, leaving the gun useless.  In response,
Ideal came out with this lifesaver.  
It took some time, but eventually it was discovered to be the mercury used in the primers,
which ate away at the brass.  Black powder loads weren't bothered as the remaining soot
soaked up the contamination.  
This variant is not often seen.. The standard No. 10 instruction sheets didn't show the cartridges.