Most tools are from my collection, with other collectors' contributions and Internet sources credited.
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                                         Pre-310 Plum Versions
                                         Marlin Ownership
                                         Talcott Ownership
                                         Blacksmith Conversions
                                         Ideal Conversions
                                         Die Numbers
                                         Tool Autopsies and Other Neat Stuff  
Outdoor Life, November 1905 Courtesy Jim Foral
We owe it all to Mr. Barlow, center left foreground.
Tools on table  include an Armory Press and mould, a No. 1 Bullet Lubsizer.
NOTE:  I'm at the time of life when it is prudent to pass my tools on to the next generation,
with the hope that they will have as much fun as I did.  All have been sold.