MARLIN - 1910-1916
No. 1
32 S&W
Scarce.  Marlin tool, Ideal box.  Have seen two in 12 years collecting.  Both in post-1902 version.
No. 3
No. 2
None seen.
32 Ideal.  Scarce caliber.
No. 4
32 S&W L[ong]
A later issue of No. 3 instructions, eliminating the "Successor" epithet.
30-30 W[inchester] (Replacement sprue-cutter.)
No. 6 Adjustable (no fixed chamber version seen)
Early issue of No. 6 instructions with the "Successor" epithet.
No. 10
Caliber 30-45 (30-03) with single adjustable die marked "30-45 SPITZ",
the neck resizer is marked "123" (30-06) and the .310 neck expander is marked 30-45 G".  
End label of box marked "30-45" and "308334".
I have not seen a two-hole version (jacketed bullet loaders).
This came with the above set.  It looks like Marlin was using up Ideal's leftovers.
The flip side.  Ideal tool, Marlin box, seen on eBay.  
Would have been a good companion to the above set, but somehow I missed it.
50-70 GOV[ernment]
No. 8
A double rarity.  It is the first Marlin marked No. 8 I have seen in 12 years of collecting.  In
fact, I wondered if they even made this model at all.  Not only did they do so, but in pretty
scarce caliber.  (I have only seen about three Ideal No. 8s in this caliber in the same time
A rare "Left Hander" by Marlin for the 25-20 Repeater
I didn't think any of these existed as the "left handers" were only seen in the early Ideals.  My speculation
is that Marlin was as thrifty as Mr. Barlow and just used up old stock.  A VERY nice find.
Photos courtesy D. Elliott