EARLY BERDAN VERSION - chisel decapper  1884 - 1895
All No. 5s take the large size die from what I've seen
45 GOV (45-70)
No chisel decapper but lower handle cut retained  1895 - 1906
Also seen in 40-75 Bullard, 40-65
45 GOV (45-70)
40-60 M[arlin]
Probable U. S. Navy ownership and maybe an early example of a DEWAT
45 GOV (45-70)
Upper right: Stamped "189" or "681" (depending on which way you view it).  
Note the "IDEAL" markings are nearly obliterated by what looks to be vise marks,
which are also on the bottom handle (how else could you snap off the upper jaw?)
Upper right:  "USN"
ABSOLUTE EYE CANDY, as seen on Bay.  
Short of the original box, this is the nicest, and most complete, set I have seen.  Caliber 45-70.
Ideal sure wanted to cover all bases.
Quite a range, from round ball to 500 gr. Infantry load!
Scarce 45-75
Courtesy M. Vasseur