NO. 1 - First Version (1885-86)
First Year of Issue - "Ideal Mfg Co." on Patent Date Side
32 S&W
32 Colt's Lightning, with "Ideal" on the Caliber Side
38 XL (Extra Long), showing recapper
Caliber 32 W.C.F.  Here's a weird one seen on eBay a few years ago.  I passed (and now have regrets) as I
thought it was an early issue that had the mould ground off.  It may have, but the collar on the spigot and the
possibility of the tool converted to an adjustable, with a small No. 3 die,  is intriguing.   (The collar appears to
have been turned and not screwed on, making it a real poser.  "Hey, John, some feller wants a  . . .")