1. Recapper on Mould
              2. Recapper on Handle, "hump" on mould
              3. Recapper on Handle, no "hump" on mould
NO. 1  - Third version, no "hump" on mould, two variations (1895-1910)
                   1.  Pre-1902, no set screw for sprue-cutter screw and no mould alignment pin.
                   2.  Post-1902, set screw for sprue-cutter screw and mould alignment pin.
41 S (Short Colt)
RARE 32 H & R
(Any info on this cartridge, apparently like a 32 Long Colt, would be appreciated)
So, what is this? An adjustable No. 1 - a tool always seen with a fixed chamber or a basement gunsmith's nicely
done conversion?  Because of the non-standard bullet design, I'm leaning towards a custom order.  That added
on "L" is factory.  Another interesting/confusing point is that the bullet seating die is a tad larger than any of
the other dies extant, and the locking ring doesn't have the rounded sides of the standard issue.
Conundrum: A paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma.
A No. 1 in an unlisted caliber 32 S&W L[ong] with an unknown bullet design AND an adjustable bullet seater.
An interesting point brought out by an ARTCA member is that the die HAD to be larger than normal since the
fixed chamber was already larger than any existing die.  Curioser and Curioser.
No. 1 41 L[ong] with distributor's stamp.  First one seen.
Two others in 41 Long Colt markings
First time seen.  Found on a post-1902 version.  A departure from the "32 L" markings usually seen on
these models.  It might be an "add on" by a user who also had a No. 8 in 32 L.I.L., but the stamping is
too even.