NO. 6 - Early/Prototype version
38-55 Recapper on nose as well as upper handle, as seen on eBay.
The "P" denotes the die being for a paper-patched bullet.  
Note the unusual open end.  Unknown if this is standard for all paper-patch dies as this is the first one seen.
Where the mould should go.  There is some discussion as to whether these tools are really prototypes of the
No. 3 and not the No. 6.  For now, I'm voting the latter as the really early No. 3s had the provision for a die,
usually a neck resizer, in the nose, similar to the No. 5 Armory issue.  All hailing frequencies are open.
Another very clean example, this one a 32-40 with a die for seating paper-patched bullets,
yet has a sizing station for grooved cast bullets.
Photos courtesy of E. Curtiss.