Caliber 50 GOV[ernment] (50-70)  Early Version, retaining cut for Berdan decapper.
A large tool, measuring 10" OA.
NO. 6 - Fixed Chamber  Pre-1888-1928
Standard Issue (Pre-1902)
Another early version, retaining cut for Berdan decapper, but in a "left handed" variation.
Also measures 10" OA.
45-60 (Also seen in 40-82 and 45-70)
Hollow-Point variation, apparently by factory, as seen on eBay.
A scarce .50 Express with a hollow-point 300 gr. mould as seen on eBay.
From the seller in South Carolina; "It belonged to my great great grandfather who was an old Confederate
soldier who later fought with Sheridan in the Indian Wars."  
Cavity showing the standard 450 gr bullet (515141) and the post-1902 improvement of a mould-alignment pin.
Alas, by time this tool came out, the Wars were gone.  From the auction: "My father was a gunsmith and
reloader and he used this tool to cast bullets and load shells for his .50 Caliber Sharps.  I still use these
reloaded cartridges today and have experienced nothing but excellent shooting from the cartidges made from
this tool."
Another 50-GOV.  This one is a post-1902 tool with a neat provenance.
A rare caliber, 44 Evans New Model, seen on AuctionArms.  
Courtesy M. Vasseur
No. 6 50 Ex[press] Large Frame
No. 6 32-30 R[emington]
No. 6 40-50 S.S. (Sharps Straight)