No. 6 - Adjustable Chamber  Pre-1888 - 1940
38-55 M[arlin]  Standard Die
Rare early "Left Hander" made for Stevens Arms
38-35 Stevens  Standard Die unmarked
"Stevens Arms Co."
"Chicopee Falls, MASS."
"12" on right lower plate ("15" also seen)
Rare 44-90 Paper Patch version as seen on eBay.
Both photos courtesy T. Quigley.
Patent date on usual caliber side.
Caliber on usual patent date side.
A very early issue in 44-90 that featured the Berdan decapper.
45-GOV[ernment] 405 (45-70)  Large Die
Large Frame - Post-1902  10" OA
That's just a bit of rust on the lower handle, not a fracture.
Another paper-patch model, plus in the "left-handed" version, in 45-70.  VERY nice item seen on eBay.
Reversed stamping, usually seen only in the First issue No. 1s.  Both seen are No. 6 Adjustables.
The old Intelligence dictum applies here:
"Once is background noise, Twice is coincidence, Three is intentional.
So far, we're at Twice.
No. 6 25-35 - Late issue with no patent date.
No. 6 38-55 - Early issue with only one patent date.
Some other rare calibers.
43 Spanish
40-63 Ballard
A scarce 40-72 with an even scarcer decapping tool.