No. 10 for Rimless cartridges  1900 - 1940
First Version, Swinging Hook 1900 - 1936
32 Colts Auto
Second Version, Sliding Latch 1936 - 1940
A neat personal touch is this owner's version of instructions dated April 6, 1946 by Richard Savage. (!!)
250 Savage
Typical transition set wherein box still shows the Swinging Hook version while the instructions reflect the new
improved Sliding Latch.  Box is marked "250 Sav" and "Deluxe/Nickel".
Two "hook" versions - one for reloaders using jacketed bullets, the other for those using cast bullets.
This is a good example of Ideal going the extra mile in responding to customer requests.
Courtesy D. Elliott
The next three photos show a very nice, and very scarce, No. 10 tool in 30-45 G caliber (the 30-03 Springfield)
and accessories.  (All courtesy M. Vasseur.)  The "30-45" is a holdover from the black powder days when the
caliber and powder capacity was stamped.  In this case the charge was 45 grains of smokeless powder.  This
designation was soon dropped for the new smokeless cartridges like the 22 Savage Hi-Power, 250-3000, etc.  
Note the box is a Marlin issue with an Ideal tool. - a common occurrence as Marlin used up the old tools.
A rare Large Frame in 300 H&H Magnum Caliber
I didn't even know this version existed.  Advertised and bought
as a large frame No. 3, and discovered it took a swinging hook.  
Not only that, but it takes the large dies.

This is thee only large frame No. 10 I have seen, but maybe
there's one for the 375 H&H out there as well.

Note there is no bullet sizing station, even though there's room
for one.  Also note the "12" on the lower handle.  Don't know
for what use.
A very descriptive sheet showing many of the early, pre-spitzer rimless cartridges loaded with the
No. 10.  This would have been a good companion piece to the above pre-30-06 tool.