NO. 3  Game Getter or 44 XL (Extra Long) Shot
An interesting subset of the Number 3s, that replaced the Number 7, made up until 1915 (Marlin)
Note the retention of the useless bullet sizing hole and plunger.
Alas, all outbid on eBay or GunBroker
No. 3  Game Getter
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Courtesy M. Vandamn
Marlin Issue. Die also marked "44 GG"
Types of shot cartridges used.  
Note that No. 2 is shot encased in wood and No. 4 encased in paper.
No. 3 is reminiscent of the Hollywood 5-in-1 blank cartridge used in their movies.
An interesting sidebar here - 38-40 shot cartridges.  
First ones I have seen.  Ideal at that time would make up a tool for just about any cartridge,
so I wouldn't be too surprised to see a No. 3 tool made up for that purpose.  
What a find that would be!