NO. 3  LARGE DIE 1889-1940 (replaced by the Lyman 310)
(Usually seen in 40 calibers on up)
45 GOV (45-70)
These dies are a tad larger than the standard and will not fit the current Lyman 310 handles.  Sometimes seen
in the 40 calibers but more often in the 45-70 or 50-70 and other fat-bodied/large bottle-necked cartridges like
the 8MM Lebel, 11MM and 43 Spanish.  Some early 310s have been seen in 50-70 and the 348 Winchester.
Courtesy M. Vasseur
Marlin 11 MM Mauser
Of all the foreign calibers seen in these early versions, the 11 MM and 43 Spanish are the most prevalent.  
I suspect that is because the rifles in those calibers were brought home as trophies
captured during the Spanish-American War and the owners wanted to try them out for target shooting or hunting.