Seen in 22-10, 22-15-60, 22-20, 25-20 Single Shot, 25-21, 25-25
"25-25" overstruck on "32-20"
Bullet Seating Die marked "9-20", rare Neck Resizer "25-25
Have not seen these instruction displaying the small die version.  This one came with the set.
Note the early "mushroom" head on the bullet sizer at the left.
Scarcer calibers:  22-10, 22-15-60, 22-20 and 22 Ex[tra]L[ong]
These dies will not fit the current Lyman 310 handles.
Two variations on the rare 22-20, which was also called the "Harwood Hornet".
Note the turned down spigot  on the first example and the "H" on the second.
22 WCF
A very nice example, with the scarce decapping tool and the rare neck resizer.
An unusual caliber (25-20 Repeater) in this version
This tool was usually issued only in the "skinny" calibers like the 22 WCF, 25-20 Single Shot,
or the 25-21/25-55 Stevens.  First one seen in 20 years of collecting.
Not often seen in this caliber.  Single adjustable die converted to double adjustable by the usual method of
tapping the die for a common machine screw.