NO.  2 - First Version, Recapper on nose - pre-1891
Scarce 38-44 G[allery] (Round Ball)
32-44 S&W Conical Ball, no "T" (Target)
VARIATIONS IN STAMPING ON 32-44 Target/Conical Ball configurations
32-44 S&W Conical Ball, "T" (Target)
Rare Rifle Caliber 32 S&W R[evolving] R[ifle]
(Note bullet seating stem (78) is identical to those used in the No. 3 dies.
This die came with tool but it may be a replacement.)
Not mine, but displayed here as it is probably unique.
This tool was normally made in 32-44 and 38-44, but this one is a 25-20-77 and was seen on eBay.
Note two-stage die.  May fit the small die No. 3.
(Both photos courtesy M. Vandamn)
Picture from  Interesting item, as I thought it would
look like a "normal" cartridge.  The site says it is not the 32-44 case,
which looked similar.  I understand that there were only about 1,000
top-break rifles made, so I find it somewhat odd that Ideal would
make a tool for that scarce a combination.  Then again, Barlow bent
over backwards to accommodate the trade..
Courtesy eBayer Jim (demo55)
A neat cut from a Smith & Wesson poster up for auction on eBay.  The seller graciously responded to my request for a
close up of this scarce gun.  After seeing the cartridge, I wondered what this Odd Duck would look like.  Too bad S&W
made it in such an unique cartridge.  It probably would have sold better in the 32 Long Colt but I guess in those days, each
manufacturer had it's own line of ammo to push.
VARIATIONS IN STAMPING ON 38-44 Target/Conical Ball configurations
Unusual 38-44 S&W 110.  The "110" is the conical
bullet weight.  Usually seen with just the caliber marking
and a "T" for Target (same conical ball).
Courtesy M. Vandamn
G[allery] (round ball)