Recent Additions, as of September 13, 2018
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They are here so you don't have to plow through the site looking for the Newbies.
What a Shame
A very nice piece seen on eBay that, IMO, is buggered up beyond salvation.  You have to wonder what these guys are
thinking of.  The bullet cavity modification I could see, but why remove the extracting station?
An unusual caliber (25-20 Repeater) in the No. 3 Small Die Version
This tool was usually issued only in the "skinny" calibers like the 22 WCF, 25-20 Single Shot,
or the 25-21/25-55 Stevens.  First one seen in 20 years of collecting.
Another Blacksmith Conversion - No. 6 40-65 Converted to cast a Round Ball
I guess at the time, a "useless" old tool was modified to the current user's needs.  While professionally done,
this nice tool is another one that is ruined, from a collector's standpoint.
Note the caliber marking on the sprue cutter.  Probably by the user, if not, a nice variation.