Contact me with your Honest-to-God-eye-watering-bottom-price on any of these tools,
boxed or otherwise, or just the instructions, in decent shape - pics needed.
All replies answered, and I will give a straight up or down answer, with no tap dancing.
(I don't know if some of these even exist.)  Email me at or use form below.
No. 1 38 M&H                      Any version
No. 1 - 22-10, 22-15, 22-20     Any version
No. 2 – 38-44                           Any version, Target Model    
No. 2
32-44 or 38-44            Any version, Marlin markings  
No. 2 - Other than above        25-20 SS seen, any version or caliber  
No. 3 - Small Die                     Marked 22-20              
No. 4 Adj. - 44-40                   Any version
No. 4 or No. 6 – Any Caliber Stevens markings on sprue-cutter
No. 5 – Any Caliber                Poor condition.  I need just the upper
                                                 jaw with seat for die
(See No. 5 USN)
No. 6 – Any Caliber                Marlin markings, fixed chamber
No. 6 – Any Caliber                Umarked (Talcott?)
No. 7 – 44XL (Shot)               (I know, I know  :-) )
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