Amy Babish
One of my favorites, not only because Linda gets lots of screen time, but also for her very funny-yet-poignant
performance in this episode, once again showcasing her wide range of talent.
The intro - shy and withdrawn.  Another accomplished actress, Betty Garrett is the mom.
Not too sure about the whole thing.
A change into some bright clothes starts to bring her out of her shell.
Now her comedic side appears as she gets a lesson on how to kiss from Laverne (Penny Marshall).
Getting into the swing of things.
Her first date.   Doing a bank shot on Michael McKean with a straw wrapper.
[Sidebar] Among his many roles, Michael did a great semi-serious job in the X-Files episodes "Dreamland".
Turning on the charm.  (Lenny doesn't have a chance.)
Testing out her kissing technique for the first time. (According to Lennie, she passed with flying colors.)
End of a lovely day, and quite a change from the beginning.  One of the best Laverne and Shirley episodes.