A Foxy Beatnik
(I added "Foxy" to the title as our little pixie could wear a mudpack and have her hair up
in rollers and still be a knockout.)

The IMDb Filmography page for Lizanne has been updated with the information that Liz
appeared as a beatnik in the 1963 Danny Kaye film, "The Man from the Diners Club".  
This is interesting news because she said that her part had been cut as the film originally
ran over four hours.  Yet, the appearance of this info indicates that her performance
survived the editor's knife.

I am in the process of tracking down the film, so far with little luck, as it was never
released to video tape or disc.

UPDATE 01-27-07: Turner Classic Movies showed this film last summer when I was back
East on vacation, dang it!   This is good news as at least a public copy of this film is
extant.  Turner doesn't have it for sale, so I have requested that they show it again.  
Here's hoping.

UPDATE 04-08-08: Alas, the latest word from Lizanne is that, when the cast was called in
to view the dailies, she and others were told that their scenes had been cut "and when they
cut, it was CUT".  So my very distant hope that a "Director's Cut" existed seems to be in
vain.  I'll still try and tape that show whenever Turner does show it though.

UPDATE 06-11-08: I tried putting all of Lizanne's movies on the Turner Classic Movies
webpage for her, but for some reason they will omly accept "The Five Pennies" and
"Oklahoma!".  They did have the interesting addition though, that I wasn't aware of:
she was Assistant Dance Director in"The Five Pennies".  She also served in that capacity
in "Twist Around The Clock" but that entry hasn't been accepted yet either.

UPDATE: 11-24-08: I finally found a copy of this film and alas, as forewarned, Lizanne is
nowhere in sight.  There is a scene where Danny enters an apartment jammed with
partygoers, with Harry Dean Stanton giving his first movie performance as a beatnik,
reclining on a sofa spouting prose while some other guy thumps on a set of bongos.  
Danny, in an attempt to navigate the crowd, crawls through a forest of legs (some pretty
good looking ones, but not Lizanne's) looking for God-know who/what.  I didn't see the
whole film as I was just scanning for Lizanne so I don't know the plot of that scene.  Lest
anyone get excited about the Lizanne's legs comment, I was inferring that none of the legs
had the wowza! curves reserved for dancers'.