San Diego, California -- 1961
UPDATE 05-17-08: A seller on eBay has two playbills up for auction and you can bet I
have my bids in.  While waiting for the auction to end, I've captured a few images.  
Hopefully the eBay Gods will smile on me and I'll win both aof them.  One playbill is 26
pages while the other has 16.  My hope is that there are some pics of Lizanne in there
besides her credits.

UPDATE 05-24-08: Bad News - Good News.  The Bad News is that I lost both bids (over
$30.00!!).  The Good News is that I contacted the seller, asking for copies of any pictures
that may have shown Lizanne in the cast.  He wrote back that there were no pictures.  .  
That's unusual, in that these programs usually have a few shots of the stars and a
mini-bio of the cast.  Next time, on these items, I'll ask first and save myself some cash
and disappointment.  Lizanne played the part of "Anybodys" and mentioned that she
had a copy of this production, so I'll check with her as to which version it is.  I know if
hers has any photos, she'll send them to me as she is thrilled at the thought that others
have enjoyed her performances.  Hope springs eternal that some cast photos of this
production exist.

UPDATE 07-02-08: Lizanne supplied fireworks two days ahead of time for me, as along
with photos and ephemera from her other stage appearances, she included these from  
"West Side Story".  The hand-written comments are Liz's.
Our little Pixie is now 30 years old but you couldn't tell it
from the way she projects
this 15-year-old persona as "Anybodys"
I asked Liz about the odd name and she replied
that it came about because, in this play, she was an orphan
and thus "Anyodys kid."
(The comments about the splint stems from an earlier
conversation when she mentioned that another dancer
was supposed to catch her - and didn't,
and she ended up with some broken bones on her wrist.)
I haven't seen the show in years, but I believe it refers to a singing routine.