The Agnes DeMilleTour
Familiar names from
"Oklahoma!" once again
show up in this undated
program, which contains
many of the performances
from the 1954 Chicago
I believe the "Brigadoon"
scene was the rousing "Go
Home With Bonnie Jean"
number.  If you haven't
seen that one, get thee the
movie and enjoy.
The word "choreophee" in
the last scene does not show
up in a dictionary search,
but apparently it is an arty
term for single dancer.
UPDATE 08-25-08: Alas,
nothing exotic here.  
Lizanne said it was just
another name for ensemble
Can you imagine our little
pixie as "Hysteria Nibbs,
the child weight lifter"?  
One has to wonder who
thought that one up and
just what went on.  An
Internet search turns up
nothing for this character,
so it must have been
dreampt up for this
production.  It is one of
those unknowns that may
never be resolved, but if
any cast members ever see
this, please email me.
UPDATE 08-25-08:
Lizanne said that the name
was an invention of Agnes
De Mille, who always had
an eye for the flamboyant.