"Everything's Up To Date in Kansas City",   Part III
Among the many great photos Liz sent me were these
candid shots taken while filming this routine.  The
Post-It note comments are hers.
Charlene takes in the scene as Jane Fischer and Liz watch ???
Jane Fischer, Charlotte Greenwod watch while Liz and Gene Nelson go over a routine.
"This look all right?" Jane Fischer seems to be asking Liz.
This looks like it may have been taken just before Gene Nelson goes into his song about
"Everything's Up To Date In Kansas City" as the train has already pulled into the station.
Note that even with the abundant Arizona sunshine, the crew still used reflectors.
Lanky Jerry Dealey, Liz and Jane Fischer front and center. Gene Nelson center second
row.  Liz identifies the others as, left of Gene:
Robert Calder, Eddie Weston, Charlene(?)
to his right: Maurice (the lucky guy who caught Liz), Bill Chatham
Lizanne and Bambi Lynn, with Rod Steiger
ominously looming in the background.
I believe Rod could wear a Santa outfit
and still scare the yell out of people.

That object on Liz's hat is the butterfly
she mentions in the Post-It note --
it must have been attracted
to the prettiest blossom around.