A Candid Moment
A charming insight into Lizanne's character, as well as another flash of her professionalism,
occurs in the "Farmers and Ranchers" routine.  During the fight scene, the girls provide
some comic relief by singing "The farmers and the ranchers should be friends" while the
two sides hammer each other.  During the melee, in the blurry Todd-AO version, one of the
dancers does some fancy shadow-boxing and nearly collides with Lizanne.  She is taken
aback but maintains her pace and quickly recovers, flashing an amused smile at the
over-enthusiastic performer.
This is another one of those incidents that last only about a second and even in slo-mo it
passes too quickly for more than just a hint.  I happened to catch the "What the???" look
on her face, freeze-framed that segment, and was rewarded with these frames.
At this point, the dancer is off-screen to the left,
coming head down and at full tilt towards Liz.
The impending collision catches her attention, but she maintains the rhythm and singing.
WHOA, NELLIE! she seems to be thinking, but doesn't miss a beat.
Her face reflects surprise, and possibly relief, as the dancer stops just in time,
rears up and goes into his shadow-boxing routine.
Maybe not, but the dancer looks like he is giving Liz a "thumbs up" as he backs off-screen
and she responds with a delighted smile. (She gets two Thumbs Up from me.)
(02/13/2015 - Lost the pics dagnabbit. Will try and find them.)