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who review the movie "Oklahoma!".
The 'Oklahoma!' Pixie
. . . to all those who have contributed to this site these past years, whether in signing the Guest Book or
offering anecdotes.  Never has the power of the Internet been so proved, for without it many of us
would still be wondering "Just who IS that little blonde pixie?"  

The greatest impact is that because of this exposure,  Larry Billman, author of many books on dancing,
discovered her identity and location.  The extra bonus comes in that I am in mail and phone contact
with Lizanne, who is as charming and gracious at age 77 as she was talented and vivacious in her
younger days.  How many fans can get this lucky?  I am truly blessed and thankful.  October 5, 2008.

I regret to report that Liz lost her battle with cancer and left us on
December 27, 2013
Heaven is the better for it.
NOTE:  Lizanne's husband, Bob, has sent me some candid and various other photos of her career.  I
have placed them all HERE and will insert them in their applicable spots as time allows.  In the
meantime, enjoy a personal glimpse of this lovely lady who was just as lovely on the inside as well.
See what I mean? These talented people ripped up the boards with their dancing, immeasureably
adding to the movie's entertainment value, yet this is the best the studio can do.  Who played what
part, however minor?  Over the years I saw reruns either in theaters or on TV and the same question
always cropped up - just WHO were these girls?  By that time I was a little smarter and read the
credits, but got nowhere as they were just names lumped under a catch-all credit of "The Dancers".  
Fifty years later, I got the impression that Hollywood credited their dancers in the order of their
presence in the movie and incorrectly deduced that these two charmers were Jenny Workman and
Virginia Bosler.  It wasn't until June of 2006 that some diligent people on the IMDb message boards
discovered the truth.  My thanks to ruby-red22 and justoldbill for their watershed discoveries.  Further
aggravating the situation, our girls are mentioned near the last, after other dancers who had nowhere
near the exposure they did.  So much for the "order of appearance" theory.

According to the IMDb review of "Oklahoma!", Lizanne never appeared in any other movie, mores
the pity, and IMHO, a loss to the trade.  (UPDATE 02-06-07: Some hawk-eyed viewer spotted her in
the 1959 film "The Five Pennies", which prompts me to review all films from that era that had any
dancing in it at all.  UPDATE 04-07-07: Thanks to a lead from Larry Billman, she had an uncredited
part in the 1961 movie "Twist Around The Clock"  (The little mutt has now blossomed into one classy
lady.)  She did appear in Monte Proser's Tropicana Review (Las Vegas 1957, 58).

Jane appeared in the 1948 stage version of "Oklahoma!", a segment of TV's "The Millionaire", the
1954 movie "Athena", and two Broadway plays, "Happy Hunting" (1956) and "Flahooley"(1951) and
then also went off the radar.  In any event, I'd like to think some lucky guys married those two and
that they now have a gazillion grandkids.  
The lack of biographical data and pictures on Liz is frustrating and is another reason I set this site up -
hopefully someone will come forward with something that will be acceptable to the IMDb folks.  My
fantasy scenario is that some kids come running into the room shouting "Hey Gramma, some guy has
your pictures on the Internet!"  
Tripping the Light Fantastic, I further fantasize that Lizanne drops me a line and brings things up to
date.  (Hell, in for a penny, in for a pound in the fantasy department.)  UPDATE 06-09-07: See
Reminisces, Lizanne's Mini-Biography and My Cup Runneth Over.

The two-DVD 50th Anniversary release of this movie generated a "Who are the 2 dancers?" discussion
as well as a few comments.  I'm sure the same question will be asked again and again as this set is
more widely viewed, and more people discover, and wonder, "who is that cute little blonde?".  So, this
website is a small attempt to grant these two talents, especially Liz, a modicum of recognition and to
also explain why I think she is so special.  Part of that Quixotic Quest is trying to get the webmasters
at IMDb to upgrade their screen credits from a generic "Dancer" (thanks for nothing) to something
more descriptive.  UPDATE 02-07-07: Alas, IMDb replied that they go strictly by the screen

Check out the following pics and see if you agree. I apologize for the fuzziness of most of them and
am trying to get a better enhancement of the enlargements.  Part of the problem is the soft focus in
many scenes on the DVD, even the clearer CinemaScope version.  I am also in the process of getting
promotional stills that were released and will add them to the Original Promotional Stills page as they
come in.  Your comments in my Guest Book are appreciated and accepted in the spirit given.  Any
info, rumor or supposition can be emailed to me at nevkid12@yahoo.com and I will reply.
Liz tries to redo her hair while Jane says "Nope"
in a vignette from the scene "Many A New Day"
If you don't lose your heart here, you are beyond salvation.
(Index to scenes at bottom of page.)
Being an uncoordinated klutz and having a lousy short-term memory, Mother Nature compensated for
those flaws by giving me a great respect and admiration for anyone who chooses to be a professional
dancer since those attributes are a prerequisite.
Back in the '80s I was fortunate to be able to attend the weekly tapings of the Solid Gold show.  I was
always amazed at how these dancers would immediately pick up complicated choreography, rehearse it
time and time again until the director was satisfied, and then show first-take enthusiasm when doing the
final number.  A very grueling process, which means you have to really love dancing to stay the course.  
This is SO apparent with Lizanne, most notably in the "Kansas City" routine when she dances
"Ragtime" with Gene Nelson and Jane Fischer.  The pleasure she radiates is almost physical.  In her
letter to me she wrote that her career was such a joy to her.  When you watch this number, you
can tell she is doing more than giving lip service to a profession that was blessed with her

Over a period of time, I got to talk with a couple of the Solid Gold dancers, who spoke of sheer
exhaustion and of swollen or bloody feet after these sessions.  The upside was that at least they were
given ample recognition as the credits rolled at the end of the show.  Unfortunately, Hollywood and the
stage treat these talented people, in most cases, as a throwaway commodity when it comes to crediting
them.  At best they get some generic title that doesn't recognize their talents.

Never was this more apparent than in the 1955 movie "Oklahoma!"  Besides the who-takes
Laurey-to-the-dance and who-gets-Ado-Annie plots, there is a third one that is never mentioned in any
reviews that I have read.  It concerns two young girls who have a crush on Will (Gene Nelson), appear
in every dance routine and are subtly emphasized in other scenes to the point that they approach
co-star status.  This lack of recognition reminds me of the unnoticed "elephant in the living room"
analogy.  This website is my humble attempt to right this oversight.

I first saw "Oklahoma!" in 1956 and even in my callow youth days noticed the prominent part these
dancers had and wondered who that little blonde was (who read the credits back in those days, or for
that matter, even for most people today?).  I immediately fell in love with that little pixie, who is cute
to the point of being a confection -- and, more importantly, is one Helluva talent.  She out-kicked and
IMHO outdanced all the others - a standout talent in a group of talented people.  Apparently I'm not
alone as an Aussie commenting on the picture at the Amazon website allowed that he also had a crush
with her, but mis-identified her as Virginia Bosler, thanks no doubt to the crappy credits.  A
hearty "Goodonya!" to our friend from Down Under.

Then again, there is a glimmer of hope.  From another part of the world, and on a different board, a
Canadian lady (may she live long and prosper) who viewed the movie as a child, wrote  . . . All my life
since then, I have wondered about that little blonde dancer - she was so lively and so cute . . . I have
never seen that little girl before or since, but I always enjoy her so and would love to know what
became of her."   So, not only is Liz's charm and talent timeless, it is international.
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