My Cup Runneth Over
Never doubt the power of prayer.  On the Red Letter Day of June 9, 2007, I received a
short note from Lizanne.  To her attributes of beauty and talent, we can now add a
graciousness befitting royalty (
well, she IS Queen of the Pixies!).  I was leaving for a two
month pay-my-relative-dues vacation and she wanted to write me before I left.

I will quote her only in generalities until I get permission to reprint her thoughts.

Basically, this lovely lady was overwhelmed that I would set up a website in her honor.  
Given the many hours of enjoyment her talent has given me, I could do no less.)  In
thanking me she wrote that after all these years, it was nice to know that something that
was such a joy to be part of was also a moment of joy to her fellow man.  I will allow that
that "moment" for me has lasted for over 50 years, and those moments continue to occur
as each new generation discovers her performances.

She confessed that she was "gabby" and had a lot of memories to share when I returned.  
I haven't looked forward to an event with so much anticipation since the time I believed
in Santa Claus.  Boy, I have never had time pass so slowly!

Some time back, Lizanne injured her hand and suffered some nerve damage which has
caused her some discomfort when writing.  This explains the long pause between letters, as
the latest note from her is a Christmas card, again thanking me for my letters and
promising to check with relatives for any clippings/photos from her Denver Post Opera
days.  Receiving any of those would be a major coup as I have found nothing so far,
anywhere.  Even the Denver Post had nothing much about the opera in its archives.

I scanned in the card and passed it on to some of her other fans, wich resulted in emails
of envy as well as one Canadian fan offering to swap his entire dinosaur card collection
for the card.  Now,
that is a sacrifice.  Still no trade though.

     and Over . . .

UPDATE 03-21-08: March 21st is Lizanne's birthday, so I got a card and issued a call to
her fans to send me an email with their birthday greetings.  The card was too big for my
scanner so I had to patch the two scans together.  The pic below is the result.
Boy, that paid off beyond my wildest dreams!  I got this email from Larry Billman the day
the card arrived (my comments in

"I just got a phone call from the Happiest Pixie on Earth -- who wants to, no needs to talk to
you.  She even managed to get on the Internet
[she has no computer] to try and look up your
phone number.  I rummaged through all of our correspondence and finally thought the best
solution is :
The Birthday Girl's phone number is xxxxx.  [YIKES!]

Call her now, while she is still so W&F [Warm and Fuzzy] that the giggles and tears of
happiness are flowing.  They are for you, Mister.  She said that all that you have done for
her has reminded her of "Who she is."

That last got to me as her work has given me countless hours of W&Fs.  You can bet I was
on the phone with her within the hour (it took that long to compose myself, as talking to
her was Fantasy No. 2.  (Fantasy No. 1 followed.)

We spent the next 45 minutes chatting about her performances, especially in
"Oklahoma!" and instead of posting some of her neat anecdotes here, I have sprinkled
them in the pertinent pages of this website as well as summarized them at the beginning of
Intro page.   The only reason we ended so soon was the Tyranny of the Blinking Light
- the damned battery on my cell phone was dying and rather than risk running out in
mid-sentence, we decided to end it there.  When I got off the phone, I felt like I had
known her for years, such is her magic.  And in closing, Fantasy No. 1 kicked in.

I had always dreamed of chatting with her about her career over a cuppa and figured that,
at best, we would end up a neutral setting like Starbucks to hold the interview.  This
gracious lady invited my wife and I up to her home!  I will confess that I could feel the
floor drop out from under me!   Two years ago we didn't even know that pixie's name and
now there will be a face-to-face encounter.  The date has yet to be set, but I'm aiming for
some time in April.  With her permission, I will load up my digital camera with some
candid shots and post them here.  Film at 11.

UPDATE 04-08-08: Alas, the April meeting was not to be due to some medical exams Liz
had to take.  I will be taking a two-month sabbatical from work this summer and hope to
work in a visit then.
Lizanne's Thank You note to those who signed the card.