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who review these movies.
You get a glimpse of Liz's comedic talent in this clip,
where she has just given a sample of the new dance
and, somewhat dazed by her typically all-out effort,
momentarily pauses before going out on the dance floor.
This is reminiscent of her dead-pan look
in the "Oklahoma!" routine "All Er Nuthin" (below)
just after she and Jane did a similarly energetic flirty dance around Will.
Larry Billman said in one of his informative emails that "She was beautifully trained in
ballet but was also sharp and precise in jazz and other "Broadway Show Dance" styles of the
period.  She also excelled in comedy/character dance."  
Liz appeared in many stage shows
and we can only grind our teeth in frustration that, apparently, no tapes of these shows
exist.  The comedic twists (no pun intended) she added to her dancing would be a joy to
UPDATE: 01-27-09:  I asked Lizanne if this mugging was one of her trademarks and she
said that you weren't allowed to ad-lib in the movies and that EVERY move was directed.  
A faint glimmer of hope in the recognition department.  I sent an update to Liz's page on
IMDb as to her appearance in this otherwise uncredited movie.  Maybe this is their holding
area until someone there confirms her role by actually viewing the movie.  (I commented to
them that there ought to be a field in their update program that would indicate just WHEN
the performer appeared, so that the reviewer wouldn't get glassy-eyed searching for the
UPDATE 01-20-08: "The third time is the charm."  I resubmitted the info, adding that Liz
appeared opposite (Harvey) -- they finally put the credit in the right place.

It is now 1961 and Liz has matured into one classy lady.  She appears about five minutes
into the fifth chapter on DVD as a somewhat ditzy "Amelia" who performs the "Twist" at
an upscale ball, to the enjoyment of her enamored  boyfriend -- and to the horror of some
society matrons.
Before I saw this film, a fan of Liz (thank you Melody) rented the flick and gave this
descriptive review:
"Well TWIST AROUND THE CLOCK is a tough call.  Lizanne has, as expected, a very
small  part (52 seconds!); however, she actually gets to speak!
The hero's twist band has been hired to play at a charity bazaar, the idea being that it would
be a big flop (their booking agent was double-crossing them to prove that the twist is a big
nothing).  You see a couple of women talking about how they're looking forward to a nice
waltz (!).  But of course as soon as the twist band starts playing, a lot of people get very
excited about it, and you see a couple run out to the dance floor & start twisting.  Then...
You see a pair of twisting feet, the camera pans up, and there, wearing a sequined suit, is
our Lizanne!  Her hair is in a bun, and she is really getting into the music (what else is
new?).  Her boyfriend, watching this, says, "Why, Amelia!"  Embarrassed, she suddenly
stops & says, "Oh Harvey, I'm sorry!"  He says, "No, no -- it's charming!
Do go on!" and she says, "Of course, Harvey, if you like!"  She dances a bit more and,
obviously enamored, he says, "Amelia, will you marry me?"
Next we see a scene of the two dancers still twisting on the dance floor, and then the two
women who were talking earlier about a waltz.  One of them says, "I'll put a stop to it!" and
just then Lizanne & her boyfriend walk up.  He says, "Oh no, Mrs. Valdevere [?], please
don't stop it.  I'll see that my father donates $10,000 to your charity." The woman,
incredulous, says, "But why should you?!"  Then Lizanne says, "They're playing our
song!"  Harvey says, "Come, Amelia!" and they dash off to the dance floor.  Then there is a
high-angle shot of the two of them running onto the dance floor & starting to dance the
twist, and from then on, any shots of Lizanne are in the background, & you don't see
much.  (I noticed, when I reran the scene, that when the hero first walks into the charity
bazaar, there is also a glimpse of Lizanne in the background for a couple of seconds.)