A Geographical Detective Story
By Albert and Phyllis Krause
Courtesy the Comtois Collection
1888 - 1908
A Christian scholar * A lover of mankind *An adventurous traveler who wrote out of his
own experience * Taught for thirteen years in Princeton University with his heart in
his message and died in peace and welldoing. * His classmates and friends make this
record of honour and affection.
                                                    Plaque raised in the eastern archway of Pyne Hall, Princeton, N.J. 1921
"He was going forth to eat as the wanderer may eat, and sleep as the homeless sleep."
--Stephen Crane, "An Experiment in Misery"
Walter's Trail 1891-1893
United States, 1891
On a pleasant July morning in 1891, Walter Augustus Wyckoff (Princeton '88) left his comfortable upper
class surroundings in Black Rock, Connecticut, walked across America and began earning his living as an
unskilled laborer.  Eighteen months later in San Francisco, California he concluded his "Experiment in
In the following years, in between other adventures, he taught Political Economics at Princeton
University,  wrote of his Experiment in Scribner's Magazine (which became three best selling books)
and gave numerous well-received lectures describing his experiences.
I felt like I had lost favorite uncle when I learned that he died of a heart aneurysm in 1908 at the
young age of 44 and was buried in Princeton, New Jersey.  He crammed more adventure and travel
into his short life than a dozen men would have in their allotted time. (We are dealing with only his
best known venture.)  His light faded in the 1930s and his work, except for an occasional quote, has
remained in the shadows since then.  This website is an attempt to shine a little light in that neglected
Between July and September 2003, my wife and I retraced Walter's trail from beginning to end as my
personal tribute to him.  Read why we made this pilgrimage, by reading the full-blown introduction and
then join us as we retrace that adventure 110 years later.  We don't believe anyone has the stamina to
go through this entire website at one sitting, therefore navigation is by maps and we've tried to make it
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